Well, I was going to write a post ever since the insolvency practitioners roles and remits were leaked, but, I was worried about my blood pressure. If one useful thing is emerging from the nightmare of the last few years it is that a stark mirror is being placed in front of how many of our decision makers (and, indeed, their cheerleaders) really view society.

In essence despite protestations, they acknowledge a world where some people live in nice areas, are responsible and contribute to society, while others are parasitical, will take what they can get and are programmed to cause trouble. While they feel abstractly that all people are entitled to fair treatment and equality that is prefaced with the acknowledgement that some people are just their own worst enemy and exclude themselves from this.

The argument extends then to justify that one’s children go to good schools, do a load of work to get through college come out into a profession and clearly deserve a little ‘more’ than others who travel a less sanitised route. The general understanding here is that business people drive an economy and an economy drives a society forward.

There is an acceptance that foreigners came to this country and did jobs that in many ways Irish wouldn’t do anymore, and that was great, but now is a time to leave and charity begins at home. There is a sense that our identity is Irish first, and, indeed, that there is an undermining of our identity (an identity that we fought and died for) going on, including our religion. A belief system we also fought and died for and hold very dear to us; I mean just look at the education system being pushed away from the catholic teaching that we want our kids to have and look at marriage (God’s sanctified sacrament between a man and a woman) being debated for homosexuals.

There is also the reality of every day with travellers around where we live. It is all well and good for people to speak of equality, but do they have to clean up a bar after an itinerant funeral or the roadside after they move in for a while. The real world just shows that these people are different as are the people of Ballymun, or, indeed, the foreigners, or the people who are atheists or homosexuals. 

This is the mirror middle Ireland. You are in many ways a lovely person, but it is incredibly important that where relevant in your life, you can acknowledge, you are a bigot. An incredibly conservative and backward looking discriminator. Unbelievably and comically, you find Texas and the southern states of the U.S. a source of humour and the Bush presidency and the tea party the manifestation of all that is wrong, without seeing yourself chiselled in their likeness – and yet, while we stumble towards a national catastrophe, and are presented with a major desire to change, we can’t even imagine difference!



~ by Francis Denehy on April 3, 2013.

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