Define a Contract



How do we define a contract, well it is many things, it talks of competent persons, it hinges on offer and acceptance and, importantly, it is about ‘mutuality of obligation’. 

Mostly when politicians talk of bankers contracts and their inability to affect them in any way – they say ‘because the contract is legally binding’

A few minor issues around this. Firstly, it is legally binding because it is a contract!!

Secondly, sweet mary mother of….do you not see that all employment is based on contracts (we decided on this as a means of exiting industrial revolution working conditions – and trying to create some modicum of fairness in the employment world between employer and employee).

So a banker gets paid the guts of a million euro per anum from a bank that receives a number of billion euros from the public taxes due to its own negligence or mismanagement or corruption or whatever you like, its own fault! And the government en mass plead that their contracts are airtight. 

In the same breath they explain or threaten that public sector jobs may take pay cuts across the board blah blah or, indeed, as Taoiseach recently declared jobs are not safe.

So, I guess what one can assume from this is that government contracts are not airtight. Now, can we take another look at the bank guarantee, please?


Can I just say to all of my fellow private sector workers, I know you think you are right to be angry at the public sector; but, and I mean this respectfully, you are not. I find it hilarious and tragic that employers’ bodies claim that public sector wages need to be cut as their workers have lost jobs. Scratches head and takes deep breath!!

Look, we all operate in employment contracts. They, like any other contract can be breeched by either side. You generally agree to do certain things for a job and they agree to pay you and provide certain conditions. Can you lose your job as a teacher. Of course you can, go in there and have an affair with a student or something. Should we in the prviate sector boast how easily we can be fired…..Cries onto keyboard. NNOOOOOO!

Just a final point, of course, there is wastage in the public sector, including in some small number of cases, excess pay; but, this is the very last time (in a declining spend recession) that you address this…grown up politics asks you to do this when there is not a recession and a flight in consumer spending and workers income and, indeed, in employment. Lastly, really, when you were 18 you could have gone private or public sector – we really need to think of ourselves as both here – as individual citizens that are part of a society, of course, we are. Remember we have had a collapse in private investment due to a banking crisis. Having a government intentionally set all of the plebs against each other in this fashion is most unpleasant, having people buy it is ridiculous, and all the while ministers highlighting when a contract is a legally binding thing is just ridiculous!


~ by Francis Denehy on April 29, 2013.

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